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games for Pocket PC, Windows CE, Casio BE-300, HandHeld PC
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Axim games

  Axim free downloads

Here you'll find a lot of games for DELL AXIM Pocket PC. Weíve rounded up all our aximgames - strategy, puzzle, board, action and other genres and put them on this page, so you can find it at once. Here you can ferret out treasure with LodeRunner, gorge on fruit with Ms. Parkman 2005, improve your plumbing skills with Pipeline, juggle with Lines and demonstrate your genius with our puzzle games. All our games for dell axim are available for free download. We are planing to develop 3D pocket pc games also, so it would be great if you'll come here again for games later.

Mario Docker New!!! Krakout New!!!

Bright arcade for your Pocket PC. Mario the Port Docker has to unload all the barges coming into port.

Krakout for Pocket PC is arkanoid style game made in 3D with nice textures. But it is not just usual Arkanoid. You will find new game field orientation, many amazing episodes that have many levels.
X-MAS Runner PRO New!!! Ms. Parkman 2005

The X-MAS Runner PRO is a Yuletide treat for you and your Pocket PC. You are to collect all the treasures through all of the new 50 snowy levels.

Welcome to a variation on Pacman, the wildly popular game from the dawn of the Computer Age. Now find Ms. Parkman 2005 on your Pocket PC.
BrickSlider CE X-MAS Runner LITE FREE!!!
Puzzle game for Pocket PC that will keep you mesmerized till the wee hours.

The X-MAS Runner LITE is a gift for you and your Pocket PC from us at Ballshooter Games.
You can get it absolutely for free!

Burgerama AntHill New!!!
Never tried a fast-food game? Bite into this game for Pocket PC.
AntHill for Pocket PC gives you a taste of insect life. You control the anteater's tongue to scoop up ant eggs and ants.
Chukchi Kerling Pacman 2
Fun and challenging game for your Pocket PC based on the traditions Chukchi. We introduce you jne of the best old games - Pacman. Now this game is available on Pocket PC. It has a set of 22 new levels, which differs from original, but very interesting to play
Brain Gym 2
Weíve rounded up all our Windows CE/Pocket PC games - strategy, puzzle, board, action and other genres - and put them on a single CD. 4 games on your Pocket PC guaranteed to addle your brain.
Fast Swapper Mr. and Ms. Pacman
New freeware for Pocket PC: simple rules, fascinating logic, coloured chips and fully featured soundtrack. Remember old good Pac-Man? Try our reincarnation. Hi color graphics and 30+ new amazing levels, where we try to keep the spirit of this immortal game.
Canít make it to Las Vegas? Now you can download Las Vegas onto your Pocket PC. And save your pocketbook in the bargain! Donít be fooled by the name. Bolts&Nuts is a polished version of games such as Bejewelled, for your Pocket PC.
Brain Gym is a set of 4 popular puzzle games for your Pocket PC or Windows CE unit. Power-outage! Panic is spreading fast. Itís up to you to get the grid back up again - and save your city.
Academic Pocket Lines LodeRunner
Academic Pocket Lines for Pocket PC is our implementation of a well known "Lines" game for a mobile computers. This is a simple - but we warn you, addictive- game. Help the bounty hunter collect all the treasures on your Pocket PC.
Pocket Blockout
A pipe game for your PDA. Itís happening again! The whole world is in danger of being flooded. Pocket BlockOut for Pocket PC is a combination board and puzzle game where you pair up identically colored blocks, causing them to vanish.
Free Swapper game is created in the best traditions of well-known games as Lines, Tetris and many other games of "tile" type. It's FREE.    
Compatibility issues

All our games also compatible with other PocketPC like iPAQ, Dell AXIM, HP Jornada, Casio, Toshiba, Fujitsu LOOX, etc.

All our games are tested with: Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, PalmSize PC, HandHeld PC, Pocket Manager Casio BE-300 , Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows CE.NET

List of known devices

All processors (ARM/MIPS/SH4/SH3/X-Scale)

All devices (Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002, PalmSize PC, HandHeld PC, Pocket Manager BE-300, Windows Mobile 2003)

All versions of Windows CE (2.00, 2.01, 2.11, 3.0 or higher)

Colored or grayscale display.

900 kb of memory.

iPaq 5450, iPaq 4xxx, iPaq 1910, iPaq 1915, iPaq 1940, iPaq 2210 Audiovox Maestro, Casio Cassiopeia E-200, Compaq iPaq H3850/3870 Compaq iPaq H3760, HP Jornada 565/568, NEC Pocket Gear, Toshiba e570, Toshiba e740, Dell Axim X5, Axim X3, MiTac Mio, ViewSonic Pocket PC

Askey Piccolo PC010, Casio Cassiopeia E-115, Casio Cassiopeia E-125, Casio Cassiopeia EM-500, Casio Cassiopeia EG-80/800, Casio Cassiopeia IT-70/700, Compaq iPaq H3630/3650/3660, Compaq iPaq H3130, Compaq Aero 1550, HP Jornada 545/548, HP Jornada 525, Palmax PD-60M, Palmax PD-131, Palmax PD-600—, (@amigo) Symbol PPT-2700

Cassiopeia Pocket Manager BE-300

Cyberbank PC-EPhone, LUXian UBIQ-2000, Sagem WA-3050, Siemens SX-45 Andromeda,Trium Mondo, ZeSS Phone 2000

Casio Cassiopeia E-10/11, Casio Cassiopeia E-15, Casio Cassiopeia E-100/105, Compaq Aero 2100/2110/2150, Compaq Aero 1500/1520/1530, Everex Freestyle, HP Jornada 420/430, HP Jornada 430se, LEO Freestyle eColor, Philips Nino

ASUS AH100 HPC 2000 Casio Cassiopeia A-20 Casio Cassiopeia PA-2400U Compaq C-Series HP 360LX PC Companion HP 620/660LX PC Companion HP Jornada 680/690 HP Jornada 720 HPC2000 Philips Velo 500 Sharp Mobilon

Intermec 6651 HPC 2000 Fujitsu PenCentra 200 HPC 2000 Hitachi HPW-600ET HP Jornada 820 IBM WorkPad z50 Itronix FeX21 LG Phenom Express NEC Mobile Pro 780 NEC Mobile Pro 790 HPC 2000 NEC Mobile Pro 800 NTS DreamMax 700 HPC2000 Samsung eGo Sharp TriPad PV-6000 Sharp Mobilon Pro PV-5000 Vadem Clio

And many other ...

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