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BrickSlider CE Shareware

BrickSlider is a puzzle game that has won the hearts and challenged the minds of thousands of PDA owners - and gained the praise of respected industry experts. It comes packed with 100 exciting levels, superb graphics, cool gameplay, multiplayer game support and many types and brick and bonuses that will keep you playing the game all day and all night.
The rules are simple and the game dangerously addictive. You send bricks from the borders to the island in the middle, and when 3 bricks of the same color meet they disappear.

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Krakout Shareware

Krakout is a new type of Arkanoid game. The object of this game is to remove bricks from the screen using balls. And you must prevent the balls from leaving the screen using a paddle.

Don’t assume Krakout is just the same as Arkanoid – because it isn’t. You’ll find a brand new game field and lots of wicked scenarios consisting of numerous levels. All graphics are in 3D and have cool textures.

Download Krakout and watch the time fly by!

Published by Ballshooter Games.

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Pocket BlockOut Shareware

Pocket BlockOut for Pocket PC is a combination board and puzzle game where you pair up identically colored blocks, causing them to vanish. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to eliminate all the blocks from the field.

There are a number of new and glamorous skins, for your visual pleasure and also to enable play in bright light or even sunlight. Use the new Chess skin to move knights, pawns, bishops and queens, or the Diamonds skin which is loyal to the original game’s colors and figures.

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LodeRunner Shareware

If you weren’t around for the platform arcade mania of the 1980s, or your parents kept you on a real short leash, now is your chance to let loose. LodeRunner is a game from the heyday of electronic entertainment, now for your Pocket PC.

This game is pretty basic in concept, but it’s easy to get hooked - you help the bounty hunter collect all the treasures, while eluding (or preferably destroying) evil guards who are trained to kill.

LodeRunner comes with 50 amazing and challenging levels, original soundtracks and many new features.

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BrickGenius Shareware
This game continues our great puzzle series. In this game you need to build the mosaics by sliding bricks. It works like a BrickSlider inside out.
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Mars Upcoming

Ballshooter’s new and cosmic game is due for release on Pocket PC.

People have seen the Titan pictures from Huygens. We at Ballshooter Games don't have images from Mars but you'll see OUR pictures from this red planet on your Pocket PC soon.

Grab colorful cosmic puzzle pieces and place them together. The more you fill up, the more Mars world you'll see.

Beta-testers are welcome. Let us know If you want to be notified when the demo version of "Mars" is available.

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Brain Gym 2 Shareware

Brain Gym 2 for Pocket PC is a collection of 4 intriguing games:

  • BlackOut- a highly addictive arcade game that requires split-second decision-making - and has zero tolerance for error.
  • Burgerama- a career ladder puzzle game, where you work yourself up the rungs to become the Big Boss of Burgerama.
  • Chukchi Kerling - a new version of Pocket BlockOut based on the traditions of Siberia’s Chukchi. Win, and Chukcha's deer comes out to help you celebrate!
  • Fast Swapper- simple rules, fascinating logic.
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    Bolts&Nuts Shareware

    Don’t be fooled by the name. Bolts&Nuts is a polished version of games such as Bejewelled, for your Pocket PC.

    The nuts and bolts: collect as many points as you can, by swapping neighbouring items (bolts, gears, jewels). To win points you have to create horizontal or vertical sets of 3 identical items. To swap any two adjacent items you choose one item, then a second one, and they will switch places. The two items must be side-by-side. For points you have to create a valid set (line) of three or more identical items with each move. If you aren’t able to do this, the items return to their initial position. But once you’ve successfully created a line, it disappears and new items appear. The more lines you eliminate - the more points you win!

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    Poker Jam Shareware

    Poker Jam is a new game for your Pocket PC, simulating a video poker machine. There are up to seven versions of poker in a single game, as well as bonus games which allow you to multiply your stake. Use your starting credit of 100 chips to rake it in - or lose your shirt!

    Can’t make it to Las Vegas? Now you can download Las Vegas onto your Pocket PC. And save your pocketbook in the bargain!

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    Burgerama Shareware

    Feeling ambitious? Try Burgerama- a career ladder game, where you dream of becoming the Big Boss of a fast-food franchise. But to get to that top rung you’ve got to put in some time first – how much time depends on how good a job you do.

    The Works: The game possesses different meal items, including soft drinks, french fries, ice cream – oh yeah, and burgers. Your objective is to arrange them in a certain formation. Once you’ve got the arrangement right, the items disappear and you get points. There’s a bonus formation for ‘rush orders’ that can score you extra points. Plus you can win bonus items, like cash, Easter eggs… and bombs.

    The game includes 50 unique levels, 3 original soundtracks, entertaining sound effects, and the option to continue your game from a previous shift - er, session.

    Essentially, Burgerama is a very creative remake of lines. Your final objective is to become the Big Boss of Burgerama.

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    Aqua Pearls Shareware
    “Aqua Pearls” takes you on a fantasy adventure at the ocean bottom. Your mission is to find a stolen necklace that protects four oceans from evil. The game shines with plenty of match-and-pop puzzles, superb visuals, animations and author’s music.
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    X-MAS Runner PRO Shareware

    The X-MAS Runner PRO is a Yuletide treat for you and your Pocket PC from us at Ballshooter Games. You and the bounty hunter join forces to collect all the treasures, candies and gifts while eluding evil guards.

    Put on your thinking toque, because there are a lot of riddles that need guessing if you want to make it through all of the new 50 snowy levels.

    You’ll see a multitude of Christmas backgrounds and hear original soundtracks. Make the holiday season even more magical, and download X-MAS Runner PRO.

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    Chukchi Kerling Shareware

    Don't know who the Chukchi are? Well, they’re the brothers of the Arctic Inuit, living across the Bering Straight, in northern Siberia.

    Chukchi Kerling is a fun and challenging game for your Pocket PC based on the traditions of these people.

    The scoop: A number of ‘ice-cubes’ are positioned in the center of an ‘ice rink’, while other ice-cubes are positioned around the rink’s edges. Ice-cubes are of several different colors. The aim of the game is to clear the rink. To do this you have to slide cubes positioned along the edge towards the cubes in the centre. Some parts of the rink are covered with ‘snow’, which blocks the movement of a cube. When two or more ice-cubes of the same color come in contact, they melt.

    Clear the playing field and you will win!

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    AntHill Shareware

    AntHill for Pocket PC gives you a taste of insect life. You control the anteater's tongue to scoop up ant eggs and ants. If you’re limber with that tongue, the scrumptious ant-queen is for the taking too!

    There’s just one problem however. Other creepy-crawlies are out to bite you and pump poison into you. Hurry up to eat your fill - because night is falling, and the Black Widow is scuttling your way…

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    Sea Puzzle Shareware
    Like naval games with sailboats and brave seaman but prefer thinking rather than fighting? Great! Try Sea Puzzle - world's most popular logic game with a naval theme. The rules are simple, and so is the game, but wait till you get past level 3!
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    X-Mas Pipes Freeware
    XMas Gift: Fast-paced game where you are to construct a closed pipe system.

    Active Ball Shareware
    Ask your Pocket PC, "Are you tired of running boring applications? Would you like to take a break and grab a byteful of fun?" If your Pocket PC says "Yes" - give it some Active Ball, a carefully crafted arkanoid remake. Your Pocket PC is worth it!
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    X-MAS Runner LITE Freeware

    The freeware game X-MAS Runner LITE is a gift for you and your Pocket PC from us at Ballshooter Games. You and the bounty hunter join forces to collect all the treasures, candies and gifts while eluding (or preferably destroying) evil guards who are trained to kill.

    Put on your thinking torque, because there are a lot of riddles that need guessing if you want to make it through all of the levels.

    You’ll see a multitude of Christmas backgrounds and hear original soundtracks. Make the holiday season even more magical, and download X-MAS Runner LITE.


    Mario Docker Shareware

    "Mario Docker" for Pocket PC is our new bright arcade game of Tetris style.

    Mario the Port Docker has to unload all the barges coming into port. Does he have the speed, dexterity and brawns for the job?

    Mario Docker features:

  • New FX;
  • Bright, high-quality graphics;
  • A number of bonus and danger bricks;
  • A Resume option;
  • Numerous intriguing levels (there are only two levels in demo-version);
  • Thrilling gameplay.
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    Caramba! Caribbean Pirates Upcoming

    Caramba! Caribbean Pirates - the first turn-based strategy game for Pocket PC/Win CE - is sailing your way. So sharpen that cutlass, sailor – tomorrow you do battle with buccaneers!

    Here are a few of the game’s features:

  • Bloodthirsty pirates;
  • A choice of three countries - fight under the flag of England, France or Spain;
  • Hot seat mode;
  • An IR port currently in development.
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    Total Blackout Shareware

    Power-outage! Panic is spreading fast. It’s up to you to get the grid back up again - and save your city.

    You don't have to be an electrical engineer to play this game, but you do need to have quite a bit of grey matter. (Hey – easy is boring, right?)

    Blackout is an ultra-addictive arcade game for your Pocket PC that requires on-the-spot decision-making – and has zero tolerance for error.

    The plan: Wires are in various shapes and need to be rotated to make a closed circuit. Once a circuit is completed, it disappears. This allows you to get the power back to 100% locally, so you can move on to a new level. As you proceed from level to level, you see the city’s lights coming back on!

    Think you have the makings of a hero? Find out now!

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    Academic Pocket Lines Shareware

    Academic Pocket Lines for Pocket PC is a challenging puzzle game where you try to form lines of identically-colored balls. Once you’ve put five or more of these balls in a line, they vanish - and you get points. For variety, you can assemble blocks or rectangles instead of lines. You lose when the field is filled with balls and no qualifying line or pattern exists. But you aren’t going to let that happen, are you?

    Academic Pocket Lines has compelling graphics, and was one of the first skinnable games made for PDA’s. The game adds refreshing diversity to the world of computer puzzle games.

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    Pipeline 2002 Shareware

    A pipe game for your PDA. It’s happening again! The whole world is in danger of being flooded. This time it’s not due to lousy weather (and too many sinners) but because of gushing water-pipes. We’re counting on YOU to bail us out. To stem the flood you have to close up sets of pipes. But get a move on, because time is definitely NOT on your side.

    PIPELINE’s plumbing:
  • Click on a pipe to rotate it;
  • A new pipe will be spawned and highlighted in a short time;
  • Build a closed pipe system by rotating pipe-parts;
  • Once a pipe system has been closed the pipes disappear;
  • Every 3 seconds a new set of pipes appears, and every 2 minutes – the pace increases;
  • It’s game over if you let the field fill up.
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    Brain Gym Shareware

    The brain is a muscle. Muscles need exercise. And YOU need stimulation. We’ve got something that will jog that brain of yours, and keep you from dozing off right after supper. Brain Gym is a set of 4 popular puzzle games for your Pocket PC or Windows CE unit.

    The first edition of Brain Gym includes:

  • Academic Pocket Lines;
  • Pocket BlockOut;
  • Pipeline 2002;
  • Free Swapper.
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    Fast Swapper HW Freeware

    Fast Swapper was created in the tradition of such well-known games as Lines, Tetris and other "tile" type games. Straightforward rules but fascinating logic make for a great game accessible to all.

    The principle of Fast Swapper may be easy to grasp, but don’t let overconfidence be your downfall. You have to be super-attentive to win as many points as you can, by swapping three or more adjacent items vertically and horizontally. You’ll see various kinds of chips and hear a great soundtrack.


    Free Swapper Freeware

    Free Swapper is a Pocket PC version of a game that dates back to olden days. It was invented by Tibetan monks and was an integral part of a complex ritual. The game surfaced in the royal courts of France during the XVIII century and quickly became popular among the lords and ladies - and their kids, too.

    The concept of the game is straightforward, but attention is required on the player’s part. Legend has it that a certain Tibetan monk (whose name nobody seems to recall) boasted that since he had attained something close to spiritual perfection, he could keep a game of Swapper going forever. The monk managed to continue a game for several days… till he was caught cheating and unceremoniously expelled from the monastery.

    Swapper is similar to the game Bejewelled. Swap any two adjacent gems and create a valid set of three or more identical gems with each move. Our Swapper is faithful to the best traditions of such well-known games as Lines, Tetris and other "tile" type games.

    The family is in for some good times with Swapper. But please: no monk-ey business.


    31, December`2009
    Special Offer! Now you can buy all our games for only $2.75 per game.  more...

    25, December`2009
    Make the holiday season even more magical with our discounted prices!  more...

    16, December`2009
    Special Christmas-themed reincarnation of the classic "Pipes" game. Freeware.  more...

    23, July`2009
    New version of Poker Jam - the game for your Pocket PC, simulating a video poker machine - is ready. more...

    2, June`2009
    A fun underwater quest for a stolen necklace with lots of match-and-pop puzzles.  more...

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